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Tumbling Classes

Tumbling program (55 min.)

The program is designed for students who prefer not to use the bars, beam and vault! All classes are 55 min. long. We have developed a series of classes specifically aimed for developing skills on the trampoline and the floor. It is a great second class during the week to get extra time to obtain additional tumbling skills or to perfect the skills learned in other classes during the week. Because of the specific skills taught in this class, it is a great addition for the active cheerleader.

Tumble and Tramp Classes Offered:

Kick-over: This class focuses on beginner floor basics which includes cartwheels, forward & backward rolls, back-bends and kick-overs. The student is required to have a cartwheel to enter this level.

Walk-over: This class focuses on the progressions needed to learn a back handspring. Skills include front and back limbers, front and back walkovers, handstand walking, round-offs, and back hand spring drills. The student is required to have a back-bend kick-over on the floor to enter this level.

Back handspring: This class focuses mainly on the progressions needed to connect a round- off to two back handsprings. Other skills such as front hand springs and ariels are also taught.

Flip-Advance: The athlete is required to be able to do round-off to back handsprings with a rebound to be eligible for this level. Multiple back hand springs connected, round-off back tucks, round-off back handspring, back tucks/layouts as well as front tuck/pike are taught at this level.

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