Beginning in the Fall of 2019 there will be changes to the registration process for all classes. Please note: It is imperative to sign early to reserve the desired class spot, as the offered classes are limited, and if you are on the waiting list you may not get in due to the longer commitment time. Parents will choose from 3 tiers based on the length of commitment. These tiers are detailed below. While the schedule of classes is available on the website, online registration will not be available at this time. When you have chosen the class for your child, please register in person or by phone.

Registration will be held according to the following schedule:

Registration for all options will be held: 

August 12, 15, 19, 20, 22, 26 – 29 from 5 pm – 7:30 pm

16 weeks – Sept. 3,2019 -Dec. 23, 2019; Jan.6-Apr. 25,2020; 17 weeks (1 FREE week); Apr.27-Aug 22,2020.

40 weeks – Sep.3,2019 – June 20,2020 -- Winter break is built into the schedule from December 24 – January 5.

48 weeks – Sep.3, 2019 – Aug. 22, 2020 -- Winter break is built into the schedule from December 24 – January 5. 

Initial investment varies based on the length of commitment.The remaining balance will be paid in equal monthly payments due on the 1st of each month.

You have the option to make monthly payments online through customer portal, at the front desk, or the payment drop box located near the front desk. Please write your child’s name and phone number on your check.

Make check payable to: Sunshine Gymnastics.  We accept all major credit cards, debit cards and checks . Returned checks will result in an automatic $30 fee to the customer’s account. Declined credit cards transactions will incur a $10 fee. Failure to pay within (30) days of the due date will result in the child being removed from the class. It is the parent's responsibility to update the office records with emergency contact information or change of address.

Sibling and multiple classes discounts.

We are providing 10 % discount applied to lesser tuition for any siblings or same student multiple classes.


There is a NO return policy on any tuition that is paid to Sunshine Gymnastics.

If your child must drop a class due to an injury or prolonged illness, you may apply any remaining balance to the next session or transfer the balance to another student in your family.


In order to keep our student-to-instructor ratio low, all make-ups must be scheduled in advance. The number of available makeups will vary based on the chosen length of commitment.

Additional make-ups may be granted under special circumstances.

You must call the gym office to schedule a make-up.

You will be contacted to confirm your request.

Make-ups will not carry over from session to session.

Class ratio

Class size varies from 3 to 7 with an instructor to child ratio of 1:7. If less than 3 students register for any given class, Sunshine Gymnastics reserves the right to cancel, combine, and/or reschedule students into another class.

Dress Code

All girls MUST wear a gymnastics leotard. Leg tights or shorts may also be worn. Bare feet recommended. Long hair must be tied away from the eyes and well off of the shoulders. 

Boys must wear a T-shirt and shorts.

No baggy clothing, jeans, watches or gum is permitted in the gymnastics area.

Leave jewelry at home.

Stud earrings are OK.

Class procedures

Classes start and end on time. Try to arrive about ten minutes early before your class. Do not drop off a student more than 15 minutes early for class. Children should put their belongings onto the shelves, and wait for a teacher. A teacher will come to collect all students for all classes. Try to use the bathroom before the class starts. Students are not allowed on the floor until class starts. Students are expected to follow the gym rules and listen to their coach.

Parents with children who need assistance in the restroom should not leave the premises during class. Parents are not allowed on the gym floor, unless are given permission by the staff.

Weather related or unscheduled closings. 

Sunshine Gymnastics does not follow any school closing decisions. We will provide an announcement on the answering machine prior to the day’s classes and post it on our Facebook page, if the facility is going to be closed. If your class is cancelled due to our facility closing, you will be provided (1) make–up class.

You have up to (30) days to schedule this make-up session.

We look forward to meeting YOU at Sunshine Gymnastics!