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"More than just bars and​ beams …. At Sunshine Gymnastics, we build strong bodies and minds. We put smile on your child’s face

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Gymnastics classes

The following are quick descriptions of our recreational classes. Each class

 is offered several times a week for your convenience and are based on 8 

week terms throughout the year.


Pre-school educational movement ​programs

The philosophy of preschool movement education is based on the development of the total child. Movement activities affect all aspects of child development - physical, social, intellectual and emotional. Children can learn much about their abilities and their potential through a directed creative movement program.

The objectives of Sunshine's educational movement programs include body awareness, improved motor coordination, strength and flexibility, creative movement, group

participation, cooperation and improved


Girls School age program

This program is offered to girls first

grade to 18 years old.

It consists of 4 levels to achieve: beginner, intermediate, intermediate-advance and advance. Each level class is also designed to challenge each student to their ability level. Our girls school age classes stress proper progressions and skill technique. Students are encouraged and trained to reach their potential. In order to accomplish that, they will be placed in a class according to their age, and/or skill level. Gymnastics basics are the

foundation of each level of the school program. However, each level class is also designed to challenge each student to their ability level.

Boys School age program

This boys program is offered to boys 5 years to 18 years old. It has 3 levels to achieve : beginner, intermediate and advance.

The equipment used in this program includes: spring floor, pommel horse, mushroom, rings, vault, parallel bars, horizontal bar, and trampoline.

They will develop core strength, rhythm and timing.

Boys will love the speed, agility and power they have accomplished after completing this program of strength and control.

They will learn the importance of combining goal setting and self-discipline with fun & enthusiasm! 

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