Girls School Age Classes​

The Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels are offered to 5-7 Years old, 8 and Up Years Old

Bronze Level (Beginner Classes) 

The 5-7 years old class is structured for students graduating from our Kinder Bear Program or for novice students with little or no gymnastics experience. Bronze classes are 55 min. long. During this introductory class, each gymnast will begin learning fundamental skills & techniques on the four Olympic events. Each class begins with a fun, general warm-up and strength and flexibility exercises set to upbeat music and continues with scheduled rotations to vault, bars, balance beam, tumble track and floor. During these rotations, children will develop handstands, cartwheels, rolls, bridges and many other basics. We will also work to increase flexibility, strength, body control, coordination and most importantly CONFIDENCE!

Silver Level (Intermediate Classes)

 These classes are structured for students who have graduated from the Bronze Level or new students who have demonstrated that they can safely perform beginner gymnastics skills and are physically and mentally prepared to learn intermediate gymnastics skills on all the apparatus. Silver classes are 55 min. long.

 In this class, the students are introduced to more challenging gymnastics skills and being to improve on technique and form.

Gold Level ( Intermediate/Advanced Classes)

 These classes are for students who have graduated from the Silver level classes and can successfully perform and connect core competencies. 

At this level, they should be comfortable working on intermediate skills and are ready to begin learning intermediate/advanced skills

 and intermediate skill connections.

 Gold classes are 115 min. long.

We use circuit and station training, drills and instructor assistance to create a series of successful stepping stones to learning new skills. These routines enable students to develop skills at their own pace in a rewarding and non-competitive environment.